Newborn Possibilities Program

CBR gives families hope for a healthier future through the Newborn Possibilities Program®. Through this program, CBR offers free cord blood and tissue processing and five years of storage to qualifying families. We also help eligible families that are taking part in FDA-regulated clinical trials by supporting nonprofits that cover costs incurred by participating.

Over 5,000 patients have participated in our Newborn Possibilities Program.

Qualification Details

You may be eligible for our Newborn Possibilities Program if a family member meets the following criteria:

  • Has been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease currently treatable with a donor stem cell transplant
  • Has an oncologist or attending physician who agrees stem cells may be used for treatment
  • Is a full sibling or biological parent to the newborn donor — a first-degree blood relative
  • Lives in the U.S.
  • Has an active disease or is in recent remission
  • If the baby is identified during pregnancy or at birth to have a health condition that may benefit from a stem cell treatment

CBR has genetic counselors available to discuss your family’s medical history and to answer questions about how newborn stem cells might be applicable to your family. We are actively training physicians around the country to help identify babies and family members who may qualify for this program. Our greatest hope is that groundbreaking research can help children with serious conditions that have few treatment options today.

If you believe you are eligible and would like to be considered for free cord blood and tissue banking under our Newborn Possibilities Program, contact a Genetic Counselor today at 1.888.CORD.BLOOD.

CBR is not responsible for fees charged by your healthcare provider or hospital associated with the collection of your newborn’s cord blood sample.