Our Mission

Our mission is to enable more breakthrough medical treatments for more families. We aspire to achieve absolute perfection in the collection, processing and storage of stem cells. We are working to advance the real-life applications of cord blood stem cells - funding clinical trials and helping our clients access their stem cells when needed.

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Laboratory Processing

Here’s how we make your investment in your family’s future even more valuable:

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Our collection system is designed to safely and easily maximize cord blood collection volume.

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Cell Recovery

We have the highest published average cell recovery rate: 99%.

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Cell Preservation

Every step in our process meets or exceeds cord blood banking accreditation standards.

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Cell Security

Our advanced tracking
system follows your sample from pickup until the day
you need them.

What You Get With CBR

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Collection Kit

The CBR CellAdvantage® kit utilizes the world’s only collection device engineered specifically for cord blood stem cells.

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Clinical Trials

CBR is investing in clinical trials for conditions such as acquired hearing loss, autism and cerebral palsy. Saving with Cord Blood Registry may provide your family with access to more uses and treatments.

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Our Facility

This is where your child's stem cells are stored. We own our facility, so you can have peace of mind that your precious cells will be here if you ever need them.
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