What is Cord Blood?

Cord blood comes from a newborn’s umbilical cord and can be collected immediately after birth. It contains powerful stem cells that have been used to regenerate healthy blood and immune systems. So far, cord blood stem cells have been used in more than 35,000 transplants worldwide.66 Doctors are also researching cord blood as potential treatment for conditions that currently have no cure.

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What is Cord Tissue?

Cord tissue contains unique and powerful stem cells that are being investigated for their ability to help repair and heal the body in different ways than cord blood stem cells. These cells have potential for use in regenerative medicine and are currently being evaluated in 30+ clinical trials to treat heart disease, stroke, and spinal cord damage, among other conditions. Learn more about cord tissue.

Your Baby’s Stem Cells Are:

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They will be a perfect match for his or her own stem cells and may be a match for a sibling or other family member.35

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Stem cells “know” how to find injured cells and tissue in the body and initiate a healing process.80

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They can be used to treat many life-threatening diseases, including anemia, leukemia and other cancers.

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A Genetic Match

Your baby is a 100% match to his or her cord blood stem cells and may be a match for a sibling. It’s good to save every child’s stem cells because some conditions require one’s own cord blood stem cells, while other conditions require donor cells.*

*Siblings of the same biological parents have a 25% chance of being a perfect match and a 50% chance of being a partial match; biological parents will always be a partial match.

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Cord Blood is Too Valuable to Waste

If it’s not collected at birth, your child’s cord blood will be discarded as medical waste. For that reason, most states follow the Institute of Medicine’s recommendation that expectant parents receive balanced educational information about cord blood banking options.

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