What You Do

Banking is easier than you think. Just follow these simple steps.

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Get Started

Sign up with CBR and choose a plan that’s right for your family.

Get started
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The Paperwork

It will only take 10 minutes and you can do it anytime online before your due date.

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Don’t Forget Your Kit

We’ll send you a collection kit. Tell your doctor you’re banking and bring the kit to your delivery.

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Call for Pickup

After delivery, call 24/7 for our medical courier partner to pick up your kit. You can receive status updates via text.

What We Do

CBR has stored samples from more than 500,000 children.

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Safe Travels

Your collected sample is shipped to our lab in a crush-resistant, temperature-protected kit.

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Quality Testing

Once we receive your kit, our lab technicians take over and perform quality testing.

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Stored + Secured

Finally, we place your cells in a large “dewar” where they’re kept frozen until you need them.

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Checking In

After your stem cells are safely stored, we’ll let you know.

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Around the Clock

We’re working around the clock to keep your sample safe — performing billions of quality checks every year.

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Always Here for You

Our facility is designed to be the most secure place for your child's precious stem cells. If you ever need to access your child's stem cells, we're here for you.

Take a tour with our lab video