Pregnancy Stages: When Should You Decide on Cord Blood Banking?

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Stages of Pregnancy Infographic
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Stages of a Pregnancy Leading to Labor and Delivery

There are many medical decisions to make during every stage of pregnancy leading up to labor and delivery. Regular OB/GYN checkups, proper nutrition, and a commitment to health in each stage of pregnancy are key to helping ensure a healthy labor and delivery when the time comes. Choosing to bank your baby’s cord blood is one decision that can help ensure a healthy future for your family long after delivery.

Labor and Delivery: Your One Opportunity for Collection

The birth and delivery of your newborn offers you a one-time opportunity to collect potentially lifesaving umbilical cord blood stem cells for your family. The benefits of newborn stem cell banking can mean a lot to a family, so it’s important that just like every other medical milestone during your pregnancy, you and your partner consider your banking options and make an informed choice for your family.