Family Prepares for Healthy Future

"A lot of folks talk about, 'What are the odds?' But heaven forbid if something were to happen, you would want your child to have every resource available to help them get to a positive outcome." - Natalie Fair

Deciding to protect their family's future

Greg and Natalie Fair already had one healthy child when they got pregnant with their daughter, Alexandra. To help protect their growing family, they decided to bank Alexandra’s cord blood.

During their first pregnancy, the Fairs were still exploring the idea of cord blood banking when their son, Ben, arrived early. After doing more research Greg recalls how determined he and Natalie were to bank for their second child: "I think one thing we discovered talking to doctors and talking to friends who were in the industry is that the technological advances were really significant. It was getting better every year."

Cord blood banking for multiracial family

Beyond the current and potential medical uses for cord blood, the Fair's heritage also played a part in their decision to bank stem cells. Greg explains, "We’re both of mixed race and knowing that there may be fewer donors available for children of mixed race was certainly a factor in our decision. It was pretty important to us. You want your kids to have whatever and everything they can have available to them in order to take care of themselves."

Choosing CBR

When researching different cord blood banks, the Fairs turned to their friends for recommendations, which lead them to Cord Blood Registry. Natalie remembers her first impressions of CBR: "The website was just fantastic. It was an amazing resource and it gave me a lot of peace of mind in terms of how the process worked from end to end. I remember watching the video on how the blood was stored and kept secure throughout the entire process. And I came away from that thinking, "Wow, CBR really knows what it’s doing."

Natalie also had a great experience with CBR's customer service: "I made a call into one of the representatives and was really blown away by the amazing level of customer service. Our rep was Tabitha - I still know her by name. You want something to be really secure for something like cord blood and I was just blown away at how personal and how full of information Tabitha was. She answered all my questions and, when I called back a second time I didn’t just get another person, I got Tabitha again. So it was really nice to have that relationship."

From start to finish, Natalie found CBR’s collection process to be quick and painless: "You get your little kit in the mail. It’s very clear what you need to do; you give it to the nurses when you arrive for delivery and they know exactly what to do."

No regrets

Natalie and Greg are very happy with their decision to bank their child’s stem cells. While they understand that the decision to bank is personal, Greg shares his thoughts on why parents should consider banking: "You may have life insurance, you may have car insurance. When we looked at it that way it became a no brainer for us. Who knows what advancements will be made over the next several decades. You just don’t know, so why not have the option?"

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