CBR's Cord Blood Processing

AXP® Processing Technology

AXP Processing Technology

What is processing?

The purpose of processing is to separate stem cells from the rest of the cord blood, producing a sample that can be used safely and successfully.

  • CBR processes cord blood without any unnecessary additives.
  • Reducing red blood cells decreases the likelihood of certain complications in future use.

What processing technology does CBR use?

CBR uses AXP® processing technology when separating out the cell concentration rich in stem cells from your family's cord blood collection for ultimate precision. The AXP AutoXpress® Platform* is FDA-cleared and automated to assist with cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) and cGTP (current good tissue practice) compliance.

Product Feature77
Benefits to Our Families
Automated, functionally closed, sterile system for volume reduction of blood components.
  • Ensures consistent sterility & quality
  • Prevents exposure to environmental pathogens common in manual processes
Consistently provides high recoveries of stem-cell rich MNCs from cord blood.
  • Proven ability to recover 99% of cells - 20% higher than processes using Sepax® and Hespan®
  • Repeatable and consistent process, unlike manual systems
Quick and accurate data tracking with XpressTRAK® software.
  • Exact measurements at every step of the process prevents human error
  • Fully electronic documentation and quality controls provide complete and accurate records every time

Having more stem cells for treatment has been shown to improve medical outcomes.10


Having more stem cells for treatment has been shown to improve medical outcomes

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