#1 Cord Blood Bank of Ob/Gyns

CBR is the #1 choice of Ob/Gyns4. There's no greater compliment than doctors recommending us to their patients or choosing CBR to bank their own baby's stem cells.

Medical professionals from around the world know us, trust us, and most importantly, they work with us.

CBR has a large network of obstetricians and midwives. Healthcare providers in the U.S. have collected more blood for CBR clients than any other cord blood bank. Our exclusive CellAdvantage® collection system helps experienced doctors collect more cord blood than passive, gravity-dependent bags. And, when it comes to treatment, we have the most experience working with doctors to get a family's stem cells delivered.

As an industry leader, CBR helped set the standard for newborn stem cell banking. You and your healthcare provider can expect superior quality, innovative technology, and exceptional service from CBR.

Ask your doctor about CBR and the benefits of family cord banking with the best in the industry.

What Other Medical Professionals Say About CBR

CBR is The Industry Leader

"CBR's growth in their first 20 years reached a level that has allowed researchers like me to begin to investigate possible therapies with cord blood stem cells. I look forward to seeing where the next 20 years take us."

~ James Carroll, MD, Pediatrics and Neurology

Dr. Dad Chooses CBR for His Family

"CBR has done more transplants than any other family bank. Samples released for transplant are always viable and completely usable. This was important to me because I felt if a bank has never used a single sample, how do they know their samples are viable and being stored properly?"

~ Dr. Robert Sears, Pediatrician, CBR medical consultant, FAACP

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Gold Standard for Cord Blood Banking

"I tell patients why cord blood banking is so important - especially with the future of regenerative medicine – and that CBR is truly the "gold standard" for cord blood banking."

~ Dr. Eileen Krim, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Grace Under Pressure

"I wanted to take the opportunity to thank [CBR] for the service the company provided one of my patients. We had a patient come to our unit suffering from leukemia who delivered quickly and needed to have her baby's cord blood banked without any notice. There was an urgency to this case that tugged at everyone's hearts and CBR's employees went out of their way to help this family. My nursing staff was very impressed by their response. We are always so focused on what our patients need and it is such a pleasure to work with others who also are committed to providing true care to patients. That is what...[CBR] did. Thanks from my staff and myself."

~ Laura Sera, RN, Patient Care Manager Center for Mothers and Newborns

Something Every Expecting Parent Should Know

"I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease last year and was, like anyone else, overwhelmed with the treatment process. As a mother of one, I wish that I had been made aware of the wonderful option to bank cord blood when my son was born. I have vowed to myself, and to the memory of those who have had similar experiences to mine, to dedicate my time and energy to educating health professionals and parents-to-be on the importance of banking with Cord Blood Registry! Take it from someone who knows – bank your baby's cord blood!"

~ Heidi A Blackledge, LPN, CCE

Doctors Choose Family Cord Blood Banking

"It is obvious to me in my practice and in my discussions with other patients that the group most ready to choose private cord blood banking for their own pregnancies are physicians. And many are pediatricians."

~ Dr. R. Nathan Slotnick, MD