Cord Blood & Tissue Banking Package Pricing

The CellAdvantage Banking Package banks both the cord blood and the tissue for your family. Saving both may help your family be even more prepared and provide more medical options in the future. Cord blood is being used today to save lives and both cord blood and cord tissue are being researched for additional ways they may be able to help treat conditions that have no cure today.

Pricing for the CBR CellAdvantage Banking Package

One-Time Cord Blood Processing/Preparation Fee $2,070

One-Time Cord Tissue Processing/Preparation Fee $595

(Courier Included)

Storage Fee Per Year$250

Total First-Year Fee $2,915 ($500 savings)

Pricing for repeat clients, international families and multiple births

Payment Options

Payment plans for as low as $81/month. Pick the plan that fits your budget.
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Save up to $2,300 with prepaid storage. To save on the annual cost of storing your baby's cord blood ($250/year), choose one of our prepay options.

  • Prepay to age 18 — $3,700 ($800 Savings)
  • Age 25 — $4,400 ($1,600 Savings)
  • Age 30 — $4,950 ($2,300 Savings)

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Find pricing for international families and multiple births.
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Prices subject to change. Fees apply to single-birth, U.S. customers only. Cancellation fees may apply. All major credit cards accepted.