CBR's Cord Blood & Cord Tissue Collection Kit

CBR has created the world's only collection device designed specifically for cord blood stem cells.

Cord blood collection is safe and painless for you and your baby. Your healthcare provider does not need to alter the normal birthing process in any way.

  • Radiopaque needle cover

    Radiopaque needle cover

    offers extra safety.

  • Clamp-on tubing

    Clamp-on tubing

    gives physician control over sterility and blood flow.

  • SoftLock safety guard

    SoftLockTM safety guard

    covers the needle before and after cord blood collection.

  • Sterile clearance vent

    Sterile clearance vent

    sends any blood remaining in the tubing after collection into the bag, resulting in higher collection volumes.

  • ActiveFlo chamber

    CBR’s unique ActiveFlo chamber

    Our unique ActiveFlo® chamber allows physicians to visually monitor the collection, helping to maximize blood flow and collection.

  • Heparin

    CBR chose to use dry heparin

    CBR chose to use heparin because it is proven to be safe. It is a more effective anticoagulant than CPD in contributing to a higher cell recovery69.

  • Bag

    No liquid anticoagulant in the collection bag.

    Dry heparin anticoagulant in the ActiveFlo chamber gives your healthcare provider clear visibility of blood volumes, reducing the risk of ending the collection too soon.

  • CordCup Container

    CordCup® container

    CBR created the first cord tissue collection system in the U.S., including CordPrep® and CordCup®, to protect the tissue and minimize contamination during transportation to the lab.

  • Parent and Doctor Guides

    Parent and doctor guides

    provide instructions to make the collection process simple.

  • Unique Kit Design

    Unique kit design

    Unique kit design folds into a crush-resistant, temperature protected, and electronically tracked device that actively transforms into a cube to help ensure that it is protected and delivered safely.

CBR's Trusted Network:

In 2007, CBR launched the Healthcare Provider Network (HPN) as a resource center for education and information about cord blood collection services. Because cord blood collection is typically not covered by insurance, CBR reimburses healthcare providers for their time and effort in providing a professional service. CBR only provides payment for collections to physicians and midwives who are affiliated with the Healthcare Provider Network. The HPN seeks to:

  • Educate providers about the quality of newborn stem cell collection and its importance for infusions as well as clinical trials;
  • Offer tools for enabling healthcare professionals to collect useful samples for future, potential medical applications; and
  • Give feedback on the quality of collections.
CBR does not compensate doctors affiliated with the HPN for patient enrollment or referrals. CBR’s client enrollment forms advise patients that healthcare providers in the HPN are compensated for the collection procedure. Client contracts are consistent with the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommendation that physicians disclose financial interests. More information from ACOG is available here: Umbilical Cord Blood Banking

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