CBR's Cord Blood & Cord Tissue Transport

CBR works with Quick International, a private courier service with 30 years of experience as the market leader in the transport of cord blood, tissue, organs, and the US blood inventory.

CBR's safe shipping device and private medical courier gets your kit to the lab fast for processing. This means that, no matter where a family gives birth, their baby's cord blood may be safely stored before mom and the little one head home.


  • 19 hour average delivery time from hospital to lab
  • Next-flight out courier service
  • Real-time tracking
  • Crush-resistant temperature protected collection kit

  • CBR developed our collection kit: a crush-resistant, temperature protected, and electronically tracked device that actively transforms into a cube to encase your stem cell collection, to ensure that it is protected and delivered safely.

  • Next-flight service to our lab in Tucson, Arizona with Quick International’s global network of air partners.

  • You will receive confirmation from us as soon as your baby's cord blood and cord tissue are received in our lab so that you know it arrived safely.

Fast Transport: Collection to Storage

CBR Transport Diagram
CBR Transport Diagram