CBR CellAdvantage® Collection & Processing

The CBR CellAdvantage® system saves 99% of cells for more medical options.1-3

Saving more cord blood stem cells could mean more treatment options or a better medical outcome. That's why the CBR CellAdvantage system - from collection to processing to storage - was meticulously designed to retrieve the most cells possible. You have a choice, so why not choose the bank that continuously invests in your family?

Everything we do is focused on a healthy future for your family.  The innovations that deliver the best-in-class quality were born here with the CBR CellAdvantage system.

How CellAdvantage Works to Help Families:

  • Helps doctors collect more cord blood

    The CellAdvantage collection system was specifically designed for cord blood banking. Our unique collection system includes the ActiveFlo® chamber that allows doctors to control blood flow and clear blockages easily. CBR also chose to use dry heparin anticoagulant because it improves doctors' ability to see the collection amount and retrieve more stem cells.

    Our specially designed collection system »
  • Recovers more stem cells

    CBR uses a state-of-the-art cord blood processing technology called the AutoXpress® Platform (AXP), which is FDA-cleared and automated. AXP helps us achieve the highest published stem cell recovery rate and, because it's automated, our sample quality is consistent.

  • Preserves pristine newborn stem cells

    Our cord blood collection and processing systems are closed and made to FDA standards. This means that, from the moment your baby is born until the stem cells are needed for transplant (if ever), the sample stays sterile.

  • Keeps stem cells secure

    In preparation for storage, CBR takes extra steps to protect your baby's stem cells. First, CBR uses seamless storage bags, which are stronger. Bag strength is critical in cryostorage where samples are stored at an extreme temperature for extended periods. Secondly, we wrap the bag in a protective cover. This added layer helps prevent cross-contamination and keeps your unique tracking code in place so your baby's sample stays as sterile as the day it arrived in our laboratory and is easily identified.

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