Our collection process

The CBR process is simple and 100% painless for you and your baby. From the technology we utilize to the experts we employ, your baby’s newborn stem cells will always be handled with top-notch quality.

Everything you need to know about cord blood + tissue collection

The CBR collection kit

Our all-in-one box has crystal clear instructions for parents and healthcare providers, making the collection process simple for everyone.

  • Supplies for cord blood and cord tissue collection are included.
  • Using a unique barcode on each CBR collection kit, we track every family’s sample on its way to the lab.

The tools

Our collection tools are compatible with C-section births, home-births, with an OB/GYN or a midwife, as well as delayed cord clamping, making them suitable for every family.

A simple, easy-to-use cord blood collection bag allows your provider to collect from all cord sizes, big and small.

CBR uses CordCup®, our proprietary container, with CordPrep antibiotic solution that protects your cord tissue sample from contamination.

From delivery to storage

Newborn stem cells are precious and we treat them that way. After your sample is collected, we’ll keep you updated as it makes its way to the CBR lab in our ultra-durable, temperature-protected collection kit.

Shipping via medical courier

24/7 kit pickup
Personalized text & email updates
Electronic tracking

Leading the industry

Our state-of-the-art technology and expert laboratory technicians, scientists, and clinicians enable us to deliver the highest quality care and protection.

Here are a few ways we’re leading the industry:

AXP® II processing

AXP® II processing is a precise, fully automated system that we use to separate out the stem cells from the cord blood. It has the highest reported average stem cell recovery rate in the industry.114,139

After using our ActivCord™ test to evaluate the quality and metabolic health of your cord tissue sample, we store it whole to ensure you have the most options science has to offer in the future.140

Expertise Matters

We back up our systems with quality checks performed by our highly skilled staff. They perform specialized tests on every sample to ensure that physicians have all the info they need to use these stem cells in the future.

ReadyGen test collection

ReadyGen is our at-home pediatric genetic test that can unlock important details about your child’s health. If ReadyGen is included in your package, you’ll receive a kit in the mail. Make sure to follow all instructions within this kit.

Collection is simple — it only requires a cheek swab from your child. Once collected, package up the swab and place it in the mail to return to the lab to be analyzed.

CBR collection kit pick-up instructions

Call 1-888-588-1292 for a courier* when your baby's cord blood is ready to be shipped to our laboratory.

Hospital pickup is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please have the following available when you call:

  • Tracking number on the enclosed airbill
  • Hospital address (to confirm) and room number
  • Deposit ID (located on the green or white bar code label on the side of the kit)

* You are not required to use the courier option; you may use any express courier of your choice.

Preserve with CBR

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