Investing In Your Family's Health

From our state-of-the-art storage lab to our investment in furthering stem cell science through clinical trials, CBR protects your family’s investment as if it were our own.

  • Our Unique Process

    From collection to shipping to processing to storage, we take care of your baby’s stem cells every step of the way.

  • Collection Kit

    Before your baby is born, we'll send you a kit to bring to your healthcare provider when you deliver. The kit contains instructions for the collection of your sample.

  • Collection

    Collecting your baby’s cord blood and tissue is safe and painless. Your doctor will use the kit to prepare your baby’s cord blood and tissue for processing and storage. Our kit contains the world's only collection device designed specifically for cord blood stem cells.

  • Transport

    The collected blood and tissue is then shipped to our lab in a crush-resistant and temperature-protected container.

  • Processing

    At the lab, we use AXP® Processing Technology to separate the stem cells from the cord blood. This process yields an average cell recovery rate of 99%, the highest in the industry. Your baby's cord tissue will be stored cryogenically.

  • Storage

    Once processed, we safely store your baby’s cord blood stem cells and tissue in our cryogenic storage tanks for potential use in the future.

  • Quality Control

    CBR’s lab is equipped with a temperature monitoring system that performs more than 2.5 billion quality checks per year and a sterility monitoring system that performs over 100,000 sample checks per year to help ensure the protection and quality of your family's sample.

Leading the Way

We've been unyielding in our focus on advancing cord blood stem cell product quality and science for the last 20 years.

Over that time, we've stored over 500,000 newborn stem cell units and have become the #1 recommended cord blood company by OB/GYNs* and expecting parents.

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* Blind survey, Gfk Market Measure for CBR. 07.12.

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