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What is CBR’s Newborn Possibilities Program?

CBR is invested in realizing the full potential of newborn stem cells. Through the Newborn Possibilities Program, CBR offers free cord blood and tissue processing and five years of storage for families with a qualifying medical need. 10,000+ patients and counting have been identified.138

Who can qualify for free preservation?

  • A full sibling or biological parent to the newborn who has been diagnosed with a disease or disorder currently treatable with stem cells
  • A baby that is identified during pregnancy or at birth as having a health condition that may benefit from experimental stem cell use

*CBR is not responsible for fees charged by your healthcare provider for a hospital associated with the collection of your newborn’s cord blood sample.

What is the Family Health Registry?

Through the Family Health Registry™ community, you can play an important part in advancing the science of newborn stem cells. CBR client families who join are the first to know about important clinical trials that could potentially help their loved ones. Plus, all CBR clients are eligible to participate at no additional cost.

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participating CBR families138


immediate family members who could be helped, now or in the future, by newborn stem cells138

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