Family stories

How we’ve helped hundreds of families

We believe that every family can benefit from the power of newborn stem cells. And over 600 of our families have used these stem cells for investigational regenerative purposes or as part of a stem cell transplant. Here are some of their stories.

first gift

Condition: Acquired hearing loss

Grace was born with a condition called sensorineural hearing loss. Because her parents preserved her newborn stem cells with CBR, she was connected to a clinical trial through the Family Health Registry.

Levi’s living his best life

Condition: Autism

CBR connected Levi with a clinical trial studying cord blood in children with autism. What Levi’s parents saw over the course of the study was amazing. For the first time in his life, Levi started speaking to his parents (and so much more).

Hope for the Holemons

Condition: Cerebral palsy

When Jessica gave birth to her second daughter, Abigail, she banked her newborn stem cells without knowing the health challenges that would lie ahead for her family. Watch how the seemingly simple decision to preserve turned out to make a big difference.

Preserve with CBR

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