What Does Cord Banking Cost?

Pricing and The Fine Print

  • How much does it cost to save my newborns stem cells?
  • Are payment plans available?

    CBR offers several options to help make cord blood banking affordable for every family:

    • Monthly payment plans, including $55 per month for 48 months for cord blood banking
    • The CBR Gift Registry to which family and friends can contribute
    • Prepay and save

    CBR also offers a Newborn Possibilities Program, which provides cord blood and cord tissue collection, processing, and five years of storage at no cost to families with a medical need.

    Learn more about the value of cord blood and tissue banking and your payment options for saving this potentially lifesaving resource.

  • Is there special pricing for multiple births?

    CBR has special pricing available in the event of multiple births (twins, triplets, etc.). Click here to view our multiple births pricing.

  • Is cord blood banking an eligible expense through my FSA/HSA?

    Today, family banking is not an FSA or HSA eligible expense. In order for cord blood banking — or any service or product that falls under the category of “Ineligible Expense” per IRS sec 213 (d)(1) — to qualify under a plan or program, a health care professional must provide evidence of medical necessity with the infant or other family member covered under the HSA/FSA for the cost of harvesting and storing cord blood to be an eligible medical expense.

  • Will I be charged a fee by my healthcare provider for my collection?

    Similar to services like circumcision, your provider may charge a fee to collect your newborn’s stem cells. Please check with your insurance carrier to see if they cover this fee.

  • Who owns my babys banked newborn stem cells?

    Your baby’s banked stem cells belong to your baby. As your baby’s legal guardian, you act on your baby’s behalf in deciding what to do with the stem cells until the child turns 18 years old. After the child is 18 years old, only he or she can decide what to do with the cells. If you terminate the storage contract with CBR before the child turns 18, you are deciding that it is your child’s best interests to not save these stem cells anymore. In such case, CBR will own the sample. If you terminate the storage contract after the child turns 18, we will attempt to contact the child for instruction on whether to terminate the account.

  • What is the cost of saving my babys cord tissue?