Collection Kit Shipping Instructions

Call 1-888-588-1292 for a courier* when your baby's cord blood is ready to be shipped to our laboratory.

Call For Pickup

Hospital pickup is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please have the following available when you call:

  • Tracking number on the enclosed airbill
  • Hospital address (to confirm) and room number
  • Deposit ID (located on the green or white bar code label on the side of the kit)

CBR's courier option makes returning your collection kit to our lab as simple as one phone call. CBR prearranges shipping with an experienced courier service. In order to take advantage of our courier service, you must use the enclosed airbill to return the kit.* You may check the status of your collection kit while en route to our lab by entering the airbill number (8 digit number printed in red on the top right-hand side of the airbill) on Quick International's website here. We will notify you by e-mail when your collection kit reaches our lab.

* You are not required to use the courier option; you may use any express courier of your choice.