Preserving your baby’s newborn stem cells can bring great things.

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Enroll with CBR

The adventure begins by signing up online or on the phone with us.

Sign up
Or give us a call 1.888.932.6568
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Get a Collection Kit

Shortly after enrollment you’ll receive a collection kit from us. Open it up, fill out the information card, and then store it at room temperature until the big day.

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On the big day

At the hospital, hand your kit to your healthcare providers and let them take care of the collection.

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Call the courier

Give the medical courier a ring and let them know you’re ready for them to pick up the collection kit. They’ll transport it securely to us.

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We’ll handle the rest and let you know when your baby’s newborn stem cells are in their new home.

What we do.

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Safe Travels

Your newborn stem cells are shipped to our lab in a protected kit.

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Quality Testing

Once we receive your kit, our lab technicians take over and
perform quality testing.

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Stored + Secured

We preserve your baby's newborn stem cells in our lab, where they're safely kept until you need them.

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Checking In

After your baby's newborn stem cells are comfortably in their new home, we'll reach out to let you know.

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Keeping them safe

Our advanced integrated technology system monitors temperature and environment with multiple daily checks.